Imdex unveils advanced technology at PDAC 2023

‘These tools further strengthen our ability to assist the industry to improve its resource stewardship’

Leading global mining-tech company Imdex has revealed the latest advances in its market-leading survey and measuring tools and its aiSIRIS interpretive mineralogy software at the 2023 Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada conference and exhibition in Toronto.

Imdex has the most accurate north-seeking gyro on the market – REFLEX SPRINT-IQ – but chief of product management and marketing, Michelle Carey, says the new OMNIx gyros unveiled at PDAC offer another level of accuracy, reliability and speed.

REFLEX IQ-LOGGER, the company’s existing core logging tool launched at PDAC in 2015, has been redesigned and re-engineered and is being introduced as LOGRx.

Advancements and development of aiSIRIS have facilitated the release of a new product in the aiSIRIS suite, aiSwyft, offering results in minutes, and at a reduced cost to the consumer.

“The continued improvement of these tools, as with all Imdex technology, further strengthens our ability to assist the mining industry to improve its resource stewardship,” Dr Carey said.

“Resource stewardship starts with reliable, accurate orebody knowledge, and that is what these Imdex products deliver – quality data around the location, structure and mineralogy of rocks contributing to orebody knowledge.”

PDAC runs from March 5 to 8, in Toronto.


The advanced gyros, featuring Bluetooth communications, will have above and underground applications.

REFLEX SPRINT-IQ has been upgraded, improved and streamlined and has been renamed OMNIx42, a 42mm-diameter tool.

Imdex has also introduced a new north-seeking gyro, OMNIx38, a 38mm-diameter tool.

Modifications and improvements for OMNIx42 have delivered reductions in tool length and weight, with savings in time per run and reduced running gear costs.

The new OMNIx38 is at least 80% more accurate than Imdex’s existing tool, which is the best and most accurate north-seeking gyro on the market.

“The vast majority of rock knowledge data collected in the resource industry come from drill holes,” Dr Carey says.

“There is no alternative to drilling a hole – so Imdex is developing, designing and improving the best tools available to produce the most accurate drilling results.”


aiSIRIS continues to be the leader in automated spectral mineralogy from hand-held infrared spectrometers, processing millions of spectra from mining projects across the globe, and now has a new product offering

Building on the several million, expertly labelled spectra in the database behind the aiSIRIS cloud-based AI spectral mineralogy solution, aiSwyft allows standardised and repeatable results within minutes of uploading spectra.

aiSwyft provides the solution to those users who put an emphasis on quick turn-around, as well as allowing a reduced end cost to the user.

aiSwyft still operates within the aiSIRIS platform, allowing a smooth transition for current aiSIRIS users, and enabling faster decision making.

As with the current aiSIRIS offering, aiSwyft can be used to process historical datasets, ensuring that all data are interpreted in a consistent and standardised way, improving the understanding of geological deposits and helping with the planning of future drilling programs.

Dr Carey says: “The value to the customer of using aiSwyft is the ability to have consistent and unbiased mineralogy results, using a repeatable process, at a lower cost per spectrum, almost instantaneously.

“It provides expert quality results simply, without having a spectral geologist on staff or hiring a consultant and at the same time building up a consistently interpreted database which becomes increasingly valuable over time.

“For aiSIRIS, results are checked and audited for quality control and interpretation accuracy. Expert human oversight is applied in providing an interpretation of the spectra.

“With aiSwyft, an accuracy assessment metric is provided that indicates the level of confidence in the results. It is reported as a ‘probability’ value for each interpreted mineral.”


IQ-LOGGER remains the market-leading core logging solution, providing accurate structural measurements. The user-friendly device records structural measurements (dip and dip direction), structure type and depth at the push of a button. Data collected can be visualised and validated instantly in an App where structural readings can be viewed on a stereonet before they are updated to HUB-IQ.

IQ-LOGGER significantly reduces time required for logging and the digital transfer of structural measurements provides a reliable audit trail.

Improvements in design, ergonomics, and workflow have been introduced in the new LOGRx to further streamline the data collection process and make the tool easier to use.

Visit the IMDEX booth (323) at this year’s PDAC to discuss the entire range from drilling optimisation to software.


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