Oz timing right for Chilean software company

‘TIMA becomes a single pane of glass through which the whole operation team can watch operations unfold’

Veteran mining software leader George McCullough is confident fast-growing Chile start-up TIMining is about to start kicking goals in the important Australian market, despite some difficulties getting hold of key staff, after the company opened a new office in the country’s mining tech centre, Brisbane.

McCullough, vice-president of global business development, is a South African geologist who has held management roles with companies such as Datamine, acQuire International, RPM Global, Ventyx, Wipro, Snowden and most recently Brisbane-based Interlate in a career that has seen him sit down in countless boardrooms to demo the latest mining software.

He thinks TIMining is on a winner with TIMA – its 3D digital twin mine operations management product – partly because it can sit seamlessly over the top of the best of these “legacy” technologies and add significant value to them.

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