Strayos, Quantum form mining alliance

US-based mine surveying technology company Strayos says a new alliance with eight-year-old German civil drone firm, Quantum Systems GmbH, brings together cutting-edge artificial intelligence and UAV expertise for multi-sensor mine data collection and analysis.

The combined offering will enable mining companies to efficiently survey and analyse vast areas of mining sites, identify potential risks, optimise resource allocation and streamline workflows, according to Buffalo-headquartered Strayos.

“Together with Strayos we aim to redefine how mining companies approach data collection, analysis, and decision-making, ultimately driving industry-wide transformation,” Quantum CEO Florian Seibel said.

Strayos CEO and founder Ravi Sahu said Quantum was at the forefront of developing electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) systems that could exceed the performance of conventional unmanned aerial system, or UAS, platforms. Its drones had six fully integrated cameras, including RGB, oblique, multispectral and a LiDAR scanner, for precise data collection and aerial mapping.

Quantum’s drones were “robust and field-proven systems”. Strayos specialised in developing advanced image processing and AI geospatial software to optimise mine surveying, planning, drill and blast, geology and geotechnical analysis, and haul road and stockpile reporting.

“This collaboration will empower mining companies to seamlessly extract more value from data to further optimise their operations, enhance safety measures, increase overall productivity and ROI,” Sahu said.


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