Canadian explorer engages start-up for uranium search

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Canadian explorer Greenridge Exploration has teamed with Nova Scotia geospatial technology company KorrAI in a bid to speed and reduce the cost of search work at a uranium prospect in Nunavut.

Greenbridge CEO Russell Starr said the company was “integrating KorrAI’s innovative hyper-spectral imaging technology” into its exploration program at Nut Lake in the Thelon Basin.

“KorrAI’s imaging data will directly inform our 2024 exploration program by pinpointing high-priority outcrops and other areas of interest,” he said this week.

Halifax-based start-up KorrAI, formed in 2020 off the back of Canadian Space Agency research and funding, will use its exploration data management software to fuse and analyse a range of Nut Lake data ahead of Greenbridge’s planned summer activities.

KorrAI’s proprietary algorithms are expected to help with outcrop mapping by “using artificial intelligence to detect and digitise outcrop features” and perform radon stress analysis to try to identify uranium targets under till cover. It will also look at iron oxide signatures over mapped outcrops and combine current geological and field sampling data to build a baseline AL/ML prospectivity model.

Greenbridge has uranium prospects at Nut Lake and Carpenter Lake in the Athabasca Basin.

It also has copper exposure at Weyman in southeast British Columbia.


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